How to arrange a sex party

I am planning to hold a bit of a party for my friends from Notting Hill escorts. One of the girls suggested that we have a sex party. Although I think that would be fun, I think that I will do some other things as well. The girls I work with at Notting Hill escorts love to shop, so I thought that if I brought along some of these people that sell stuff at parties, it would go down very well. After all, the girls don’t have so much time to shop in.

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The girls at Notting Hill escorts are all nuts for Anne Summers, so I think that I will invite the nearest Anne Summers representative. They are bound to like that, and it will also let us check out what hot sex toys Anne Summers have available this summer. I love it, and I am sure that the girls will surprise the representative a little bit, but the girls who run Anne Summers business, often take it all in their stride. The girl selling the bits will probably do really well.

The girls at Notting Hill escorts also really like jewellery and bling. It would be kind of cool to invite somebody who knows how to sell it party plan. I bought some stuff from a company called Stella Dot recently, and it was great. What I loved about the company was that they offered anything from belts to bling. Some of it was really classy and I think that I may ask the local girl to come along as well. It would be a lot of fun, and I am sure that we could even help he girl from the company find a new exciting for her business.

Make up and skin care are both popular topics with the girls at Notting Hill escorts. It could be a good idea to invite our local Avon representative. I know that many of the girls at the agency go through make up at an alarm rate. The good thing about Avon is that once you have made a connection with your local Avon representative, you normally have some one to turn and she can have make up delivered to you really quickly. I like Avon and I think that they do a lot of specials things that could work out for us here in Notting Hill.

Of course, we will have some personal fun as well. It will be one of those parties where anything goes. It is the first time I am having the girls from Notting Hill over for a party. I know that they are planning to bring some of their friends, so it will be one hell of a party. Once we get a few drinks down our necks and some food, I think that we will be having a really good time. Can girls party on their own? They certainly can and I am looking forward to having a really wild time with my new friends from Notting Hill escort services.