Sail Away with me

On these bleak winter days in London, I found it really hard to get out of bed and go into Luton escorts of I mainly feel like pulling up the duvet above my head and going back to sleep. Most of the other girls at the agency say that they feel the same way, and I suppose that may even go for the rest of the population of the country. I would love to think that I could just escape to the sunshine for the winter and come back in the summer.

the luton escorts

One of my favorite dates at Luton escorts offered recently to take me on a sailing holiday around the Caribbean. It sounded great but I have not been with the agency for very long. If I had been with the agency for a little bit longer, I may just have taken advantage of his offer. It would have been so nice to spend the winter on a boat in the Caribbean and swimming in a nice warm sea. Just what my poor body would have needed if I am to be honest.

My gent is semi-retired and goes away to the Caribbean every year for a three month sailing holiday. It sounds perfect to me, and I do envy him. When he tells me about all of the different islands that he sails to, it sounds really romantic and just so relaxing. Next year, when I have been with the Luton escorts agency for a little bit longer, I may just take him up on his offer. In the meantime, I just wait for the photos to come back.

I am sure that some people are meant to be born in the cold and some people, like me, are meant to be born in the warmth. When I am warm, I am much more relaxed and a lot more cheerful. If I could be in the perfect climate all year around, I think that I would be a lot happier. The thing is that we date at a lot of pilots here at Luton escorts. They often tell us about all of the nice destinations that they get a chance to visit. To jump on a plane would be very tempting and I will have to say that I need some warmth.

It is hard to sit here at Luton escorts and watch all of the aircraft fly past. I keep on wondering where they are all going. Okay, not all of them are going to warm countries but I think that many of them are. At the moment, all I can think of is putting my toes in the water and starting to chill out. After I have had a nice swim, I would wrap a towel around me and chill out on my sun lounger. Slowly, I would fall asleep and drift off into a nice warm siesta slumber. When I wake up, I would find that the most gorgeous guy would be sitting beside my side with a drink. I know that it is day dreaming, but it is really nice to be able to day dream.

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